Zika Virus and 2016 Olympics

Zika virus and the fears of it have come to the Summer Games.  Good morning APEX Golf Betting fans as we look at a very high profile player walking away from the chance to play in the Olympics.  Rory McIlroy announced that he is out of the Games for fear of this contagious illness.  Find out how this mosquito spread virus is seeing a rush of good and average players skipping out on Brazil this Summer.

Zika Virus : Rory Out

This virus is especially worrisome to anyone that wants children in the future.  Zika has been linked to severe birth defects.  With woods being all around the golfers, this is an ample breeding grounded for mosquitoes.  Up until now, players like Vijay Singh and Louis Oosthuzien were the highest profile players to skip the event.  Now that one of the Big Three has bailed, the question has to be asked.  What is a gold medal worth to athletes that already have and compete for millions all year round?

Adam Scott Pondering This Also

World #1 player Adam Scott is weighing his options right now.  Jordan Spieth is still committed but is hedging slightly by saying that he will observe the situation.  Wagering on golf and the Olympics at America’s Bookie should be especially profitable this year.  Props like gold medals for the USA are becoming clearer now that Russia has been excluded from many events.  Golf in Brazil should provide both entertainment value and profit for the Summer Games.

We also have the Quicken Loans at Congressional starting on June 23rd.  Long course with quite a good portion of the top players opting out of it.  Person that is receiving a lot of interest is Brendan Steele. He has a slew of top twenties both coming into and at this event.  Pounce on him for heads up wagering situations this tourney.  We will keep you monitored of the Zika virus situation as it pertains to the Olympics.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Golf Betting.