Why We Wager Spieth over Day and Rory!


A few venerable voices make waves when they decide to speak.  Hank Haney is one of those as he was a pivotal influence on the career of Tiger Woods.  Recently he took to the airwaves to critique the new Big Three in golf.  Why does he ascertain that Jordan Spieth will be a more consistent force than Day or Rory?  Follow APEX Golf Betting as we discern this statement and the logic associated with this wager changing opinion.

Ahead of the Curve

One area that is near impossible to improve upon after the age of thirty is putting.  This is the arena that Jordan Spieth holds sway over the other two.  Combine that with absolutely no lingering or even past serious injuries makes him leaps above Rory for the future king of golf.

The Voice Within

Admitting weakness or distraction is not a good thing.  Rory copped to this when you uttered that Jason and Jordan’s ascent has inspired him.  When what kickstarts you comes from the external then the effects are at best short lived.  To double down on this, issues of making a living is clearly not on Rory’s side as he has amassed a fortune already.  While he is good for some majors, he does not have that keep it going drive that propelled Tiger in his prime.

What will make it really interesting over these next few years is that each has a skillset superior to the other.  Pure talent goes to Rory.  Jason Day has the most dedication to regime and discipline.  Alas the putter cures a variety of woes on tour and this is where Jordan reigns supreme.  On any course where the short game is the focus, Spieth has a several stroke advantage over the other two.  Good fortune with  this as we anxiously await when all three of them will collide again in the future.