Why Betting Golf Is Profitable

If you are an avid sports bettor and you are not betting on golf, you need to be. Betting golf is profitable. It can be very profitable when picking the correct tournament winner.

Why is it that betting golf lends itself to huge profits and why aren’t more sports bettors taking advantage?


Easy Bet

There’s no secret to betting on golf. The most popular bet and the one that is the easiest to understand is a wager on a tournament winner. Bettors lay down bets on the players they think will win a certain tournament.

Let’s say you bet on Rory McIlroy to win a tournament and he is given odds of +350. If McIlroy wins the tournament, your $100 bet wins you $350. That’s not a bad payday for such an easy bet.

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The Odds – Betting Golf is Profitable

Betting on golf is inherently profitable because of the odds to win a given tournament.Unlike other sports where favorites’ odds are lower, bettors can find a golf tournament favorite given odds up to +500 or +600 and sometimes higher.

At any given tournament, you may have 100 or 150 golfers. They begin play on a Thursday and continue through the weekend. Winning a tournament is difficult for golfers. It’s even more difficult for bettors to pick a winner. 


Given the difficulty of players winning a certain tournament, the odds are typically higher even for those golfers that may be considered favorites to win. As a result, bettors can find some outstanding value in picking underdogs to win.

At the 2019 Masters for example, Tiger Woods was not favored to win. He was somewhat of a longshot bet at +1400. One bettor put down $85,000 on Woods. When Woods claimed the green jacket, the bettor’s winning ticket was worth $1.19 million.

Play Favorites

Golf is the one sport where playing favorites can still payoff. Bettors can look up and down the board and find great value at the top and even more at the bottom. 

Many times the overall betting favorite doesn’t win a tournament, but that doesn’t mean you abandon the favorite or those at the top of the board. Even golfers with the lowest odds for a given tournament can result in a nice payout if they win.

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Multiple Winners, Multiple Bets

Can you see that betting on golf is profitable? It lends itself to betting on multiple outright winners. With golf odds set the way they are, the market pays well enough for bettors to lay wagers on more than one player.

Winning golf bets are often profitable enough to offset the loss of one wager in exchange for an even bettor payout. 

Using the 2019 Masters as an example again, consider the odds on former Masters champions like Bubba Watson, Henrik Stenson, and Patrick Reed. Watson was given +4000 odds to win while both Stenson and Reed checked in at +6600. 

Our bettor could have divided his $85,000 equally on all four golfers: Woods, Watson, Stenson, and Reed. He would have lost $63,750 and won $297,500 on Woods’ victory for a net of $233,750. That’s the type of payday bettors can find in betting on golf.