We Love Green This Week : Master’s Review

Imagine the level of cynicism that resides in the heart of bettors when Jordan roared out to his first round lead.  Most years the first round leader has faltered badly down the stretch.  Only one in the past decade head won the elusive jacket after leading after eighteen holes.  How did the limited television coverage affect live betting as the tournament progressed?  Apex Golf Betting is now recapping their futures win as Jordan Spieth took down the Masters for us on Sunday.

+700 Very Much Needed

While being the second favorite in the field next to Rory, our hunch paid off in an uncharacteristically comfortable way.  Jordan lead wire to wire and was never seriously threatened.  Sure Tiger rallied in the third round to appear on the horizion but even he could not come close to completing.  One angry root took care of his hand during his swing and his chances in the tournament.  This was one of the few times that we were not contemplating hedging.

Why Not Hedge?

Hedging is basically taking a very +EV wager and betting some against it so that it if either event happens, you would win money.  For Example, going into round four the field was +190 to +200 at certain times.  We could bet half of our future that the field was going to catch Jordan.  If we did we would bet $50 of the $100 wager that this would happen.  If Jordan faltered then we broke even, if Spieth takes it we get the future minus the 50 bet the other way.  You can adjust it however you like so that you would make some money either way.  It is all about temperment.  Coupled with the fact that we could not see “live” how Jordan handled the first nine, we decided to just let it ride.

In the end, he came through.  This erased all of our loses the previous weeks and gave us some for the good.  It takes a calm and long range attitude to bet future winners on the PGA.  Give it a try if you feel that this meshes well with your personality. We will see you next week here at Apex Golf Betting.