Tiger Loses Another Notch

An 85 no longer stuns us from Tiger Woods.  This type of performance is becoming more par for the course from him.  What is of more importance to most is what they consider to be earning power.  This figure was Tiger’s literal bread and butter since he burst onto the tour.  He has always been on top when it came to endorsements and extra perks. Well he has now been thrown off of Olympus and the person who did it must mightily chafe him.


Phil has taken over from Tigers.  He could rarely beat him on the golf course but now has surpassed him in bank.  This last year he netted $50.8 million.  While this seems like a ton, he still only nudged Woods by less than a million.  For all his negative results and PR, the man keeps on getting richer.  Now we will look at a traditional unofficial warm up for the US Open.

St. Jude Classic

Memphis and some warm weather will greet the tour this week.  The last tune p before the band plays at the US Open this year.  Lefty had better get his greens in play this year.  We will not consider him for wagering purposes this week.  Last years champ from start to finish, Crane, has been horrid this year and off form going into this one.  We will examine an oddity that happened last week and why it might lead to wagering success for us this time.

Dustin Johnson stands out not only for his success in 2015.  He has won here before.  A headscratcher happened last week.  Nabbing 13th place despite a double bogey each round is quite the feet.  If he can avoid this land mind then the future on him is the way to go.  In the end, I will refrain from this and instead investigate the individual matchups involving him in the first round and the entire tourney.  Good fortune and we will see you next week here at Apex Golf Betting.