The Right Golf Betting Strategy

The right golf betting strategy is a must if you actually want to make money betting on golf.

Key Points

– The right golf betting strategy can produce huge wins.

– Golf bettors can spread their budget around to maximize their return. 

The Right Golf Betting Strategy

Smarter bettors have found that wagering on golf can be extremely profitable. It’s a niche sport for sure and while most bettors are focused on the major sports like football and basketball, bettors can enjoy success betting the links.

With more bettors seeing the value of betting on golf, the number of ways you can now bet on golf is taking off. With more ways to bet on golf, it’s important to have the right golf betting strategy in place to achieve success.

Spread the Budget Around

Betting on golf is a great way to capitalize on some longer odds favorites and extremely long odds underdogs. In a typical weekend PGA event, the overall favorite might be listed between +400 and +1200. 

A $100 wager on a favorite at +1000 at top golf sportsbooks to win a major event like the US Open, for example, represents a nice payout of $1000. The difficulty comes with picking the outright winner.

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A solid golf betting strategy spreads your betting budget around a number of different bets. For example, bettors can bet on an outright winner but can also wager on a head-to-head matchup, a top-5 finish, and a top-10 finish.

For example, you like a few golfers to win a weekend tournament. Let’s say you place a wager on Golfer A to win outright. You also place a wager on Golfer A in a head-to-head matchup against Golfer B. 

As well, you can also place bets on Golfer A to finish in the top 5 and/or the top 10.

Ride the Hot Golfer Can Be the Right Golf Betting Strategy

It often pays to follow golfers and their streaks. When golfers get hot, they often stay hot for a long stretch. If you find a golfer that continually finishes in the top 20 or even top 10, it’s usually a safe bet.

Take a golfer that finished 18th, 22nd, 18th, 18th, 5th, and 2nd in six tournaments prior to the one you are wagering on. A top 20 or top 10 bet looks solid. Even a bet on this golfer to win outright has potential depending upon the odds.


Pairing Favorites & Dogs

Smarter golf bettors can often find a way to hedge bets and almost guarantee a winner. Take the golfer from the previous example. Let’s say he’s given +2500 odds to win this tournament outright.

The favorite is listed at +400. Here’s a situation where a bettor can pair a favorite with a strong longshot bet. A $100 bettor wins $400 if the favorite wins but wins $2500 if the longshot comes through. Either way, it tops the $200 wagered.

Use the Unit Approach When Betting on the PGA

Betting on golf is a great time to use the unit approach. In the above example, a $20 bettor could bet five units ($100) on the favorite but just two units ($40) on the long shot. 

If the favorite wins, it’s a $400 win. If the longshot wins, it’s a $1000 payout. That’s the beauty of betting on golf.

If you follow these tips, the right golf betting strategy can put money in your pocket.

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