The Masters Is Finally Here for 2015. Do We Still Fade Rory??


A mellow hello was all that was said instead of the anticipated fireworks between Tom Watson and Phil Mickelson.  The scene was set at the Champions Dinner the Masters had on Tuesday night.  Hefty was very outspoken over Tom’s ability or lack there of in leading the latest Ryder Cup team.  When they saw each other at the feast, Tom said hello and Phil did the same back.  Even thought their was a lack of fireworks there, the green jacket brings out the best and perhaps a little of the worst at Augusta.  Apex Golf Handicapping will examine what wagers to plunk down at America’s Bookie when it comes down to the Masters.

Nike Commercials, Video Games, and the Favorite

Rory might have rocked it in 2014 but this year he has been mortal on the links.  This has not stopped the sportsbooks from pegging him as the pre tourney favorite to get that unsightly jacket.  There is a tremendous buildup to this.  Nike features a commercial that is a patching of the torch moment from Tiger.  Rory is not the centerpiece in a new golf video game coming out.  Everything seems to be going his way if you do not cont 2015.  Still not enough momentum this year to warrant the +325 price.

Good Form Not the Best Indicator Either

So we exclude Rory because he has not been slaying it but recent good form is not a reason to tail at Augusta.  The Masters experience is one of the single most important things to have on your resume to win this.  Pressure of this magnitude is not experienced every week on the tour.  Being there definitely is positive EV for your wagering.  Want to know the final item that stirs your drink here.  It is the putter.  Good putting trumps anything else at Augusta.  Some courses you can rely just on your length or chipping.  Stats on putting are where your focus should be at.

That is why Speiths +700 and Bubba’s +850 are much better than Rory’s lack of value.  Bubba has the pedigree to pull it off again.  Speith has attributed his very fine form first of all with his putting game.  If you want to wager a favorite whom will most likely be close at the end, these two are your horses in Augusta.  Good fortune and Apex Golf will check back with you next week to see how our Masters’ futures performed.