Taming the Travelers This Weekend : PGA Free Pick

Time for the Travelers and their odd placement in the schedule.  A ton of cash with a prize pool of six million with Fed Ex points to fight for right after one of the more tiring US Open’s in memory.  Chambers Bay frayed the nerves of many.  With many players opting for a week off, the field is not as strong as it should be at the TPC Highlands.  Let us take a look at two players who are coming in with varying degrees of momentum.

Snedeker Top Ten Gold Mine

Brent has rocketed to near the top of most every event that he has entered.  He leads the tour in top tens and his current form indicates that their is no holding back.  What might be the storm cloud on our horizon is that the Travelers has befuddled him in the past.  The only round of note was that scintillating 64 in the last round to rally for eleventh.  However even these efforts could be discounted as there was little pressure on him for this last round.

Bubba Consumes This Course

This is the opposite end of spectrum for Bubba Watson.  He has crushed the TPC Highlands in his past twenty eight rounds.  His pedigree here is even longer as this was his first professional  win.  This is in stark contrast with the form that he limps in with.  A player of his caliber should not miss two cuts in a row.  So do we judge past performance or current results for our wager this weekend?

This is where handicapping experience weighs heavier than the math.  Form verses the function of history are difficult to quantify factors to heap on established equations.  It is easier to see a grinder like Brent slip at a course he struggles at.  Bubba has the cure and as long as his recent woes is not because of an undisclosed injury then our choice is clear.  Here is where a later wager is more prudent than the speculation to get a slightly better price.  Wait and watch.  As long as there are no rumors of ill health then place the wager on Thursday at America’s Bookie.  Good fortune with this and we hope it cashes for all of our bankrolls this weekend.