U.S. Open Props: Hole in One? Bet On It

By Charles Jay Do you want to “throw down” on some stuff that is rather unusual on this year’s U.S. Open? Well, there are definitely some things you will enjoy when you take a look at what they have available at America’s Bookie. Honestly, if you want to keep yourself busy, not just before the

Bet33 PGA Pick of the Week : Zurich Classic 4/28

Our Bet33 PGA Pick of the Week avails us the opportunity to confer with some of the sharper golf handicapping minds in the business for our mutual pursuit of profit.  They have a linesperson on staff whose passions if golf.  He aligns his workweek so that he can sit down on Thursday’s to watch the

Quicken Loans PGA Tour

Our well wishes for a swift and safe return for the father of tour professional Billy Hurley III. He made an impassioned plea at the Quicken Loans yesterday. Missing since July 19th, no one has heard from him since he got into his truck with cash and other items. Now onto the investment event this

Model of Consistency Needed for the Memorial

Few tournaments have more of a hands on feel from Jack Nicklaus than the Memorial.  He had input on a significant amount of features that the golf course uses.  This weekend will see the gathering of three generations of legends.  Jack will be there as well as Tiger.  Also there will be a golfer that

Remain in Contact with the PGA Tour Events

Remaining in contact with the sports you handicap can pay dividends even when you do not wager that week.  The Wells Fargo I was going to skip this week after last week’s unofficial fifth major.  However, I ran into a simple list on the Internet.  It prompted the creative process and I turned it inward

Farmers, Rory, and An Albatross

Magnificent Torre Pines is the tour stop this week.  San Diego will give the players plenty of warm weather but good chances.  Some of the better players will be skipping this event.  On hand will be Phil, Justin Rose, and Rickie Fowler.  Apex Golf Betting will look at this, a rare golf shot, and a