Rory, Adam, or An Unknown in this Weeks Australian Open

Competitive juices are flowing from one of the favorites for this week’s high profile event.  A major mover near the top has expressed his desire to be paired with the World’s #1 from the get go.  Meanwhile, the rest of the talented cast of characters are in the wings waiting to pounce should one of the two favorites falter. Welcome to Apexgolfbetting and we will break down the marque golf event of the week which is the Australian Open.

Adam Scott Ready to Wrangle

  • +355 to win Future
  • +100 against Rory tournament
  • -105 against Rory first round

He has been flapping his gums for McIlroy from the get go but the tournament hosts would not oblige.  He gets to go aside Jordan Spieth and Aussie Masters Open champ Nick Cullen in the first two days.  Nick’s first win on the tour down under was a big one.  It has raised his confidence but this is an entirely higher field of competition.  While he is used to the elements and conditions down there, we advise to go away from Nick at this time.

aussie open

At His Beck and Call

Dubai had him only two shots out but he had more than his fair share of luck in that one.  The final hole was an apt summary of his performance.  A ball of his was heading directly into the water hazard.  It struck a rock in the creek and bounced out of it.  That was the level of run like the sun he was playing with.  He was not sharp but had enough to cobble together a score that was only two back.  Can he just raise his interest and with it his game or does he have to get a few tournaments more under his belt to get his form back?

A game opponent against one who is looking at this as more of a tune up.  Yes the money would be nice for Rory but he wants the Big ones and uses these to fine tune.  Meanwhile, Adam Scott wants to set himself up as a rival for Rory.  To do so, he must perform early so as to build the hype for the majors. Adam will get the push he needs in this one.  We like either head to head matchup so we go with the one with the slightly better odds.  Stake the +100 on Adam over Rory for the entire tourney.  Good fortune and we hope to see you next week at Apexgolfhandicapping and our friend America’s Bookie.