Remain in Contact with the PGA Tour Events

Remaining in contact with the sports you handicap can pay dividends even when you do not wager that week.  The Wells Fargo I was going to skip this week after last week’s unofficial fifth major.  However, I ran into a simple list on the Internet.  It prompted the creative process and I turned it inward towards my handicapping.  An hour later, I had unearthed a major leak in my PGA handicapping process.

Fed Ex Points Surprises

Veterans can get enamored with wins in their handicapping process.  Today, I peeked at the  Fed Ex standings.  Winners on the tour adorned seven of the top ten places.  These players all ping my radar as being in the headlines this year.  The three remaining golfers had varying degrees of shock being in the top ten.  Bubba is consistent and his spot at #5 did not cause me to flinch.  Charley Hoffman at #7 got an eyebrow raise and a mental note to check how he did this.  Now at nine is Hideki Matsuyama and I almost dropped the cup of coffee.  It can not be a ratings SNAFU because he has only played fourteen events while Charley got in a whopping seventeen.  By this simple list, I have found a dangerous hole in my game.


Not so much with the futures but in individual round and tournament matchups,  I instantly dismiss some players.  Sergio has never proved me wrong in a major but I discount him in every single event.  This is a mistake.  The same with Hideki.  I laugh and dance with glee when I see him against other players.  Cashing most of the few fades I have played against him does not forgive me of results orientated approval.  Here I have a very proficient golfer this year and I will not even give the time of day to him and in fact haphazardly risk my money against him.

End this foolishness and list some of the golfers that get your goat.  Some you like to root against and those are simple to spot and uproot.  I am talking about inappropriate credit given to some.  Justin Rose I wont consider and that is wrong for every circumstance.  Look at the golfers you love to hate.  A closer look might find a reason to like them when it comes to our wagering dollar.  Good fortune to us all in your America’s Bookie wagers on the Wells Fargo this weekend.