PPH PGA Betting Options for the St Jude Classic 6/9

PPH PGA Betting Options lets one explore all the profit potential of the St. Jude Classic from the other side of the fence.  June 9th’s event is on a course where the driver is not the mitigating nor even important factor in picking winners or assigning price.  Weaker field than the usual weeks on tour as this is directly preceding a Grand Slam event.  So let us use this event both as profit and scouting for the upcoming 2016 US Open.

PPH PGA Betting Options 

Futures, props, and heads up matchups dominate the action for this Thursday.  A pay per head streamlines and organizes all the betting types so that your clients can easily get to what they want.  The Street Betting has assembled an exhaustive list and article on PPH betting options for those that want to aspire to become bookmakers on the Internet.  For this event, we are going to focus our free picks on the heads up wagering aspects and what the key is going to be for our choice to take down profit.

Iron Play

This is what we call a second shot course.  Last year’s top ten on the final leaderboard had no one in the top driving distances for the event.  Instead it was iron play from 125 to 200 that set the tone.  Combine that with greens in regulation and the majority of last year’s success at St. Judes was due to this skill set success.  We will take advantage of the lack of depth to strike.  Boo Weekley has seen an erosion of his driving distance but is still razor sharp with his irons.  This tournament really compliments his skill set.  With his lowish ranking, he will be pitted heads up against players that have little hope of doing as well as he will here.  Go with the entire tourney option in all the heads up options that have Boo Weekley involved in them.

Plenty of tv coverage starting on the Golf Channel Thursday.  Use it to both rail our horse home and as a primer for next week’s US Open.  Good fortune in your wagering at America’s Bookie and we will see you next time here at APEX Golf Betting.