Portents for the PGA and Beyond in 2015

Clarity came to the game in 2014 with a champion.  Head and shoulders above the rest, Rory staked his claim to being the best in the game.  With that cemented for the foreseeable future, we will look at other events that could transpire for 2015.  In particular, two happenings could still have a profound event.  Apex Golf Betting will examine an aging champions attempt at regaining his prowess.  Also, what is on the horizon that could further erode golf’s fan base.  Read on for all the answers.

The Reboot of the Sequel of Tiger’s Swing

When revamping one’s game becomes more complex than the Back to the Future’s plot lines, your professional game reeks of desperation.  Tiger is obviously not satisfied with being a Top 30 player for example. His drive is good but at some point and time, acceptance must come into play.  Well 2015 will not be the year as he is touting another re-do on his swing.  Going back to a style that served him well back in 1997, he claims that it is not Father Time nor injuries holding him back.  He insists that all it would take is a dedication to his craft and putting in the necessary reps.  While hoping no ill will for him, 2015 will probably be the same if not more frustration for the aging champ.


Pace of Play Complaints Will Grow not Lessen

This is the single most important factor for golf.  Personalities are nice and sponsorships are necessary but what if no one tunes in.  The limited attention span generation spawn by mobile devices will not tolerate deliberate play.  Focus is necessary but perfection is railed against.  Droves of people are tuning away from the game for the simple fact that the time invested to view or play the game is prohibitive.  Simplification of courses is not the answer but one better be gleaned soon as golf will be in decline for 2015.

Next time, we will examine how one would qualify for the 2016 Olympic Games. Golf will be there.  What will be the qualification for the country you play for?  Will the established rankings be used?  Eliminators for each nation?  It is an exciting venture and we at Apexgolfbetting will be there to see what it takes and how this will be a boon for golf wagering in 2016.  Have a Happy Holiday and we will see you next week at Apex Golf.