Model of Consistency Needed for the Memorial

Few tournaments have more of a hands on feel from Jack Nicklaus than the Memorial.  He had input on a significant amount of features that the golf course uses.  This weekend will see the gathering of three generations of legends.  Jack will be there as well as Tiger.  Also there will be a golfer that the Golden Bear has dubbed the future of golf.  Who is he and should he be a favorite for your future wagering this Thursday?

Not Rory

The golfer in such high esteem is not Rory nor will he be here this weekend in Ohio.  Jordan Spieth is the athlete that garnered such high praise from the legend.  He is the #2 in the world but is coming off of a disappointing 30th place finish his last time out.  The Memorial is not the course to work the kinks in your game.  For the cleverly placed hazards, one needs an ultra consistent golfer who can scramble.   We have found your candidate to wager upon this weekend.

Kevin Na

First off, there is no way you should wager Kevin Na in a future to win this event.  He has a great game but it only allows him to get to the top of the heap.  For this event, his name is the one to analyze against other golfers for top ten wagers as well as individual matchups.  With the weather possibly becoming an issue for Friday and Sunday, the advantage he has becomes greater.  This is the candidate you want to rail for a weekend’s entertainment plus profit.

Disappointed that we do not have a future for you.  Jordan is a good candidate but one can not get a great price on him.  Justin Rose offers almost as much of an opportunity but with more value.  For those that like to plug away at their golf wagering, let me reiterate that Kevin Na is your man.  Good fortune with your Memorial betting and we will check in next week here at Apex Golf Betting.