Masters Free Picks : Head to Head Wagering

Golf wagering is taken to new heights with Apex’s Masters Free Picks.  The first major of the year brings the annual quest for one of the most identifiable trophies in all of sport.  A bright green jacket and a hefty paycheck awaits the winner.  By this time, the pros have played enough events so that we can accurately gauge the amount of momentum they have going into Augusta.  How will we exploit our superior sports knowledge for profit this weekend?  Together we will examine the head to head wagering opportunities that are present starting on 4/7.

Masters Free Picks : Consistent Profit

Railing golf events offers the gamut of betting styles.  The big swinging you only live once enthusiasts can opt for the extremely large pay days that come with futures wagering in predicting the winner of the event before the event.  Those that like events that are more in their control, the head to head wagering options for the entire tournament gives you the rare chance to both root for someone and against the other.  Here at Apex Golf Betting, we have provided the linked primer to illustrate not only the basics but how one can delve into the vast details of the course.

Bubba Rumored to be at 80 Percent

Former champions deservedly get more than a fair share of the limelight heading into the Masters.  While Tiger Woods is not relevant on the PGA tour anymore, the more recent champions can be attractive due to proved mastery of Augusta National.  Normally, Bubba Watson would roll into this event as a solid contender for our wagering dollars.  2012 and 14 saw him take home the coveted Green Jacket.  However, here is where those that have superior knowledge can utilize this to their advantage.  Coming into this event, Bubba Watson is only at 80 percent by his own frank admission.

Sinus Problems

When a player says that he would go out there after losing an arm, no one doubts his heart but he is such a valuable fade at this point.  Words like in bed all day and under doctor’s care were bandied about on Monday.  He finally got in a full round but hedged himself.  Bubba is saying that his score will probably not reflect the improvement he has seen recently.  Not keeping any food down is a harbinger of tough times for our man Bubba Watson.

Let us look at the value that is present at sports investment companies like America’s Bookie.

  • Jordan Spieth -120
  • Rory McIlroy -115
  • Jason Day -140

Here he is pitted against the Big Three of golf.  Now Rory has been up and down so that is why he is only -115 against Bubba.  Much better is either Jordan or Jason in this situation.  Springtime in Georgia is a pollen fest.  Even if he makes the cut, the stamina required to make such a run is beyond him at age 37 with his current health ailment.  Our Masters Free Picks are for the heads up matchups for the entire tournament. Fade Bubba Watson and embrace the profit that should be rolling into your account when the next champion dons his Green Jacket.  Good fortune to you and we will see you next time here at APEX Golf Betting.