Level of Decline for Jordan Spieth in 2016? Plus Grand Slam Darkhorses


How Does Jordan Trump 2015?

Endorsements might enable him to trump the over twenty two million dollars he earned on tour last year.  The largest single season boon saw him winning almost everything of importance.  How does one come close to being the winner or runner up in three out of the four Grand Slam events?  Combine that with the FED Ex Cup Playoff’s win and this nut is a hard one to crack.  From a historic perspective, those that got to two majors in one year receded back to the pack hard in not even coming close to a single win in a major with the exception of Tiger Woods.  The saving grace to Spieth’s game might be in the lack of power.  He is compact with less to go horribly wrong if his driver leaves him for portions of the season.  As long as he keeps his putting eye, he will be in the hunt.  However ,he future to wager on his Major Wins next year should still be set firmly on zero from the historical perspective from year’s past.

So Then Who is the Next Big Thing in 2016?

There are two levels we are going to examine.  First is a golfer that is proficient that will provide us valuable head to head matchup cashes but little in futures to win the event.  In the other, we will name our pick as to whom is ready to pluck a major from the established golfers on tour.  So here are the APEX Golf Betting selections to exceed expectations for 2016.

  • Robert Streb is continually making upward strides on tour.  He is your grinder for a couple years.  2014 saw him make almost every cut and just come up short in New Orleans.  Last year saw him get a title, and finish in the top ten nine times.  He is a check cashing machine on tour and has focused play in every round.  A valuable trait for head to head value wagers for the entire tournament in 2016!
  • Brooks Koepka is whom Robert Streb is set to be.  Fourteen top 25 finishes that has done well in all four majors this year.  This is the man whom will give you dark horse wagering potential in the 2016 Grand Slame events.  While not exactly an unknown quantity, he is poised to have a breakout slam event and is good at least for one Top Three futures cash in those tournaments in 2016.