Humana Challenge and Some Unique Features in Handicapping It

California gets to play host to this week’s event, the Humana Challenge.  There are some features to this course that will definitely affect your handicapping.  So whether you think that Snedeker, Haas, Palmer, Kirk, or a host of others will come through for you, pause for a moment.  Read our Apex Golf Betting tips for this one.  There are a few factors that will definitely put a hitch in your handicapping.  So without any further ado, let us get to our coverage of the Humana.

Beat the Clock

A new concern with pace of play is not even the primary concern with beating the clock in this tournament.  With its very large field (156), it has been a yearly burden with finishing play before sundown in the Coachella Valley.  The beauty that this geographic location has comes with this very large price.  This tournament has a 54 hole cut.  The last two years near eighty players made it to the final day of play.  With big money on the line, the pace slowed considerably prompting tournament officials to nudge the players along.  Look for the more deliberate players on tour to fade in the final round because of their game being prodded.

Dart Fest

A hard factor in handicapping the Humana Challenge is that the course is set up so easy for the players.  A fesitval of birdies does not start to describe it.  Remember Patrick Reed?  Last year’s champ blistered the course with three rounds of sixty three.  The other round was no slouch either and he narrowly won this event.  Futures for Apex in this tournament are off limits because of this.  We advise that you go into the second and later rounds to wager individual matchups.  Do your homework on round one and it will set you up very nicely for the later rounds.  Unless the weather changes drastically, form should hold through this easy course.

Finally, Natalie Gulbis does her best to market a line of sports bras. Her celebrity form might not sell more of them but the men in the audience certainly can appreciate the visuals that she gives us.  Here is one of the initial offerings she is hawking.

Gulbis Sports Bra

Enjoy the low scoring and once again lay off the futures in this one.  America’s Bookie will have the individual matchups for each and every round.  Take advantage of the later days to plunder them for your profit.  Good fortune and we will talk to you next week at Apex Golf Betting.