How to Correct the Erosion of the Young Player Base in Golf

Home and abroad have seen the hordes that were playing golf decline in 2014.  The rabid fan base will always flock to the links but golf associations world wide are worried about one demographic.  Young players have seen the most significant absence from the game.  The worlds #1 player believes he knows why and how to make the necessary correction.  Also we will take a look back at the shootout tourney that ended on Saturday.  What twosome triumphed in this made for television event?  All of this coming up with Apexgolfbetting.

Pace of Play

Attention spans with 16 to 25 year old men has rapidly decreased over the last few years.  Mobile devices, data transmission, and having the world at your fingertips goes counter to the prolonged experience on the golf course.  Whether watching a broadcast or being entrenched behind a sloth like foursome, the youth of today are slowly starting to say no to golf.  Not many are willing to advise six hours at a stretch for a sporting event.  Oddly, the reduction of hazards on courses has been suggested as a universal way to quick the game.  Does the game have to be “dumbed down” for its survival with the attention deficit players coming up?


Franklin Templeton

Last week we were hesitant on the chalky price Kuchar and English were getting compared to every other team.  Well they came within a whisker of fulfilling the confidence of the books and bettors.  One shot below -32 were they as we saw Day and Trinangle win the event and net $385k each.  Only on the third day with the better ball round did they almost give back the lead.  Viewership was up and wagering was solid for this event.  While the calendar can not turn fast enough, this was a quality event with most of the teams both on their game and entertainment factor.

Apex Golf Betting will be here on Christmas Eve but we would like to give you our holiday pleasantries right now.  The quality books that we avail ourselves of including America’s Bookie have allowed us to have a profitable season.  A vast selection of wagering opportunities coupled with bonus promotional packages got and kept us in the profit.  So from all of us at AGB, we wish you all the best this holiday and we will see you the day before Christmas for more golf chatter.