How to Bet PGA Majors

One of the more overlooked sports to bet on is golf, and now we’ll dig deeper into how to bet PGA Majors. While betting on the NFL and NBA can be very exciting, many view golf as the opposite.

Because of its slower pace, yes, golf is not as captivating as a fast-paced NBA game. However, bettors can find tremendous value in betting golf tournaments all season long. Bettors can really make out betting PGA Majors.


Do Your Research

Just like betting on any sport, you have to do your research if you want to win more than you lose. When you research the NBA for example, you may get into how well teams shoot and how well they shoot from three-point range.This information may play a role in your betting decisions.

It’s the same in golf. Researching putting statistics will give you an insight as to whether or not a golfer is going to be able to handle tricky greens at a certain course. The same can be said for an accurate driver. He would have little problem with handling tight fairways.

Past Performance – How to Bet PGA Majors

When you’re taking your time to handicap the PGA, part of your research will include golfers’ past performances, both overall and, if possible, at the course where a tournament is played. When talking about how to bet PGA Majors, past performance can be key. Look for horses for the courses.

Take the Masters as an example. It is always played at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. Knowing how well or how poorly players have navigated the course in the past can help you in making good betting decisions for the upcoming Masters. 

It also helps to examine play in the previous tournaments, both PGA Majors and other tournaments as well. Hot streaks tend to carry over in golf in the short term. A golfer that has five top-10 finishes and a couple wins in his previous ten outings is one to consider wagering on the next time out.

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Favorable Numbers Not Favorite Players

If you’re a fan of golf, betting consistently on your favorite player will most likely find you ending up in the red. You should be looking for favorable numbers, not your favorite player or players.

Player A plays well on Course A and has finished in the top-5 in his last five times at Tournament A. His odds to win are +1000, but your favorite player is Player B. 

Player B’s odds for the same tournament are +900. He has not finished in the top-5 in any of his last ten tournaments and even failed to make the cut at one. In the past, he has not played Course A particularly well. If you can correctly predict PGA winners, betting golf is profitable.

Even though you love Player B, unless you can somehow telepathically make him a better golfer, your bet should be on the player with the favorable numbers – Player A. This can be very important when looking at how to bet PGA Majors.

Don’t Be A Hero

If you didn’t win betting on the previous PGA major, don’t try the hero bet. Your $100 wager on Player A didn’t pan out. Don’t try to make up for it with a $500 bet on a certain player to win the next PGA major.

Shop Lines

Again, as with any sport, one of the best and easiest betting strategies is to simply shop around for the best lines. Say your research takes you to a player listed at -150 to win. 

If you could find the same player at a different sportsbook priced at +100, you could increase your payout dramatically. Shop around to get the best price before locking in your PGA major bets. Hopefully this helped you learn how to bet PGA Majors, and get you winning some big cash!