Handing out the Hardware for the PGA

A well deserved break are the titans of golf on right now.  After a very entertaining Fed Ex series, the world is gearing up for the Presidents Cup.  Held in Korea, this will truly be an international event that we can profit on.  APEX Golf Betting will have our full preview forth coming.  Until next week, we are going to hand out the hardware for the PGA tour this year.

Hiding Under the Rock

  • aka Player of the Year.  Jordan Spieth.  Even those that were out of the Internet’s reach know that he won multiple majors, the Fed Ex Championship, and over twenty million dollars on the course.  Lay up for a trophy.

Holy Moley Moment

  • US Open Jordan Spieth has a five foot gimmie for bogey.  Derailing but not demoralizing until he chunked it.  Double at that juncture was the most surprising moment on tour.

Real World

  • Bae and his conscription.  He fought mandatory military service in his own country.  Heck, he won an event this year to give him a boatload of exemptions.  Alas South Korea insists he fulfills his duty.  As a result, his world ranking will plummet and make him ineligible to represent them in the Summer Games of 2016.

Finally the hottest player goes to LPGA Sandra Gal.  Obvious jokes aside, this German product does decently on the links but gets most of her coverage for being very camera friendly.  That is it for the awards section on APEX Golf Betting.  Stay tuned next week for the Presidents Cup Preview and good fortune to your wagers this weekend.