Handicapping Tips and Strategies for Betting on Golf

Let’s get started betting on golf! Golf is a very precise yet intense sport that is played. It solely focuses on the individual and it forces the golfers to handle the utmost pressure that they can handle.

When it comes to betting on golf, the sport gives many betting scenarios that people who are interested must pay attention. This is necessary if they want to succeed in making bets on the sport. Using the information available, here are handicapping tips and strategies for betting on golf.


Betting on Golf – Understand the Various Bets Available

In golf, there are a plethora of bets that someone can make. Knowing these bets and options is crucial to the success of a bet made. Top golf sportsbooks will have a huge golf betting menu.

First and foremost, bets are available on a specific golfer and their position of finish after either the round or total competition. This can be helpful due to the wiggle room it allows the bettor to have.

There are head-to-head bets that can be made with the pairing groups in a round of golf. This doesn’t have much room for error as it strictly focuses on the two golfers. In this type of bet, there is a stroke spread and a Moneyline that is available to focus on when betting in a head-to-head matchup.

Understand the Golf Course

Now no one is saying when someone is handicapping their bets that they have to be an expert on the specific course that is played. However, it is important to know various factors of the course to help tailor a bet toward the course’s playability. 

Researching the course’s putting surface can be helpful. Knowing which golfer to know may have success with their putting game. Knowing if the fairway is open or tight after the tee box will help determine which golfers are better at controlling their drives. In turn, knowing if they will have success on certain courses.

Knowing and understanding the specific course’s terrain will allow a bettor to get a better return from the bet that is made. When betting on golf, these small details are very important.

Check The Weather

No sport is more impacted by the weather than in golf. It is only outdoors and the flight of a golf ball can be determined by the weather. This is not only knowing if it will be sunny, rainy, hot, or cold. Knowing the wind report and how that will correlate with the course will help determine if the scores will be benefited or hurt by the wind. 

The weather can change quite rapidly so it is important to look at the weather for the entire day and the entire tournament. There is a possibility for the weather to be unfavorable in the morning and turn out to be pleasant in the afternoon. Paying attention to the weather trends can help create positive outcomes with bets that are being made.

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Who’s Trending Up, Who’s Trending Down?

Golfers tend to ride waves in the sport. When a golfer is having a hot streak and is currently finding his stroke around the course his game is trending upward and therefore confidence will help increase his ability. 

The other side of it can occur as well. Golfers who hit a streak of bad holes to end a round may wear their struggles into the next round. Therefore continue to trend downward for the remainder of the tournament. Keeping an eye on the golfers who are either trending up or down and placing bets either way, could benefit the bet in the long run.

Golfer and Course History

If there is a seasoned golfer who has found success at a certain course it is fair to say that he will continue to have success barring any major disaster. There are certain golfers who simply fare better on specific courses.

Knowing what these courses offer and how they play can help make future bets on that golfer an easier selection. As well, when handicapping PGA majors, there will always be certain golfers that do well at majors.

Golfers can also have bad history at certain courses. Whatever the reason that the golfer struggles at a certain course. It is helpful to know that the specific golfer has consistent struggles at the course the tournament is being played at. Usually, there is a reason for either the success or difficulty at a course. So understanding who is on either side of that trend will help determine which golfers to take a bet on.

All in all, betting on golf can be difficult at times due to the ability of anyone to have a good weekend and come out on top. Using these tips and strategies can help determine some favorable matchups. Bets that someone can use to help give them a higher return. Take the time, research the tournament, and bet confidently.

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