Greenbrier Classic Canceled Onto British Open

Greenbrier Classic Canceled because of flooding to the West Virginia area a few weeks ago gave the players ample time to alter their schedules.  Here at APEX Golf Betting, we are going to go on a take a look at the British Open.  This year it is at Royal Troon.  We will look at the advantages of pushing and betting the PGA majors.  Also what does this course hold in surprises for some of the favorites?

Greenbrier Classic Canceled : Pushing Majors

The four banner events in golf give us the ability to increase a bookies volume not only in golf but other sports all year around.  Explained in the Push PGA Majors article at The Street Betting, the unique environment of the UK golf courses should be considered.  No matter whether you bet or collect them for a living, these links style events gets the mind going.  Interest is piqued.  With increased wagering options for the majors, opportunity abounds on both sides of the fence.  This is why we all savor the British Open when it comes around each year.

Royal Troon : Postage Stamp

123 yards is the par three 8th hole.  This is called the postage stamp in tour lore.  It has been the scene of many famous aces and an implosion or two. Tiger took a triple bogey here in his first British Open. However, the hole that has snagged the most famous golfers is par four 11th.  Weighing in at 4.4 + strokes on average, this is the one that made a quintuple bogey in his day.  This is the one where the pros would most like to par.

These two holes and the unique undulating fairways and course layout should be played upon to your client base.  Take all the elements into consideration when placing your bets next week.  We will have our full preview and free picks on the 145th British Open next week.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Golf Betting.