Golf Majors Betting Strategy

The right golf majors betting strategy can put money in your pocket.

Key Points

– Betting on golf’s major tournaments can be very profitable for golf bettors.

– Using a sound golf betting strategy can help bettors capitalize on major tournaments.

Golf Majors Betting Strategy

Smarter bettors are finding a niche in betting on golf. PGA majors offer bettors even more as they are the “Super Bowl” of the sport’s tournaments in a given season.

A few key wagers placed on golf’s major events can make an entire season for the savvy bettor, but what should bettors look for in these events?

Here’s a look at golf majors betting strategy.

Avoid Popular Favorites

The most common golf bet is on a player to win a given tournament like the Masters. Typically, the favorite is a well-known, popular player who is one of the best golfers in the world.

The problem with simply wagering the favorite is that favorites don’t win all that often. Plus, picking an overall tournament winner is extremely difficult.  

An easy strategy to use in betting on a golf majors tournament winner is to divide your units among the players you like most to win. Many times, an up and coming golfer will play very well in a major and pull an upset. 

Keep in mind that golf bettors get great odds even on favorites. Favorites to win the Masters or the U.S. Open often are at the top of the board at +500 or higher.


Bet Head-to-Head – Golf Majors Betting Strategy

Since picking tournament winners is pretty difficult, one thing golf bettors can do is bet head-to-head. 

You may not be sure that Jon Rahm will win an event, but you like him to finish better than Dustin Johnson. There will be tons of head-to-head matchups at golf major events. You won’t find the odds like you will in betting the winner, but you can definitely find some value bets. These tips will help you handicap the PGA.

Top 3, 5, 10 Betting Markets

Sometimes, you bet on a golfer to win, but he ends up second. Another strategy is to take golfers you like and wager on them to finish in a certain group – Top 3, Top 5, Top 10, or even Top 20.

Again, the odds aren’t as great as the overall winner, but you may find some interesting prices on players to finish among a certain group. This is another strategy that can be less risky than simply betting the overall champion.

Are some of these strategies over your head? Maybe you want to consider buying PGA picks.

Round Totals & Golf Majors Betting Strategy

Golf bettors can also get in on some totals action when betting majors. Oddsmakers will establish odds for a player’s individual rounds. 

For example, Johnson’s total is 69.5 for the first round of the Masters. Bettors can bet the Over/Under on Johnson’s total. 

Spread the Wealth

The optimal golf betting strategy is just to not put all of your eggs in one basket. Remember, there are numerous golf bets to take advantage of. 

Even if you just want to bet the winner, do your homework and spread your units around on three, four, or even five of your leading candidates to win. 

If you spent $250 on five bets on golfers to win at odds of +550, +600, +700, +800, and +1000 and one of them wins, the worst you can do is come out ahead $25.