Golf Betting – Winning Golf with Head to Head Matchups

With the ever increasing popularity of golf, bettors from around the world have jumped on the many betting opportunities that the top offshore sportsbooks are now offering. The sport has grown by leaps and bound and sharp bettors are taking their skills from the baseball diamond and the football gridiron; to the links. Golf is a fun sport to bet on and the head to head matchups have basically taken over in popularity with most bettors.

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What makes head to head betting a great option is simple, there is not a rooting interest in who wins the tournament. As a bettor, you simply don’t care who wins. You care about your individual matchups and you need your guy to beat his opponent. Think of it like football, baseball basketball or hockey. When you bet any one of these sports to win straight up, you are betting the money line. The oddsmakers (lines movers) set a money number on each game that’s played such as the Dodgers vs. Cardinals. The Dodgers have Kershaw going and the oddsmakers like his chances over an unproven pitcher from the Cardinals. What do they do? They set the money line at Dodgers -160 and the Cardinals +145. This means that you would need to bet $160 on the Dodgers in order to win $100 and for every
$100 that you bet on the Cardinals, you will win $145.

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Betting head to head matchups in gold is the same concept as betting the moneyline in most any other sport. You think of one guy as the sports team against another guy and he is his own sports team. All of the reputable online bookmakers offer this from of golf betting but certainly not all sportsbooks are created equal so be sure and do your research as to who is worthy of your hard earned money. Look for a bookie service that has a great reputation for customer service and quick payouts.

Usually the bookies offer tournament head to head and round head to head matchups. This simply means that if you like one golfer’s chances over another in the first round of the four day tournament, you can bet on that one golfer to win the round straight up over the other.


Thursday- (Tourn) 101 Tiger Woods        -125        -1 ½ -105
102 Phil Mickelson   +105       +1 ½ -125

Thursday- (1 st Rnd)101 Tiger Woods     -120
102 Phil Mickelson +100

You may have noticed that the tournament odds include a run line. This is a common add on with many bookmakers. This is another way of betting the head to head matchup for the entire tournament. In the above example there are three ways to bet the head to head. The first round, the entire tournament and the run line for the entire tournament.


Remember, you are not betting the outcome of the tournament. You are simply betting one of these two players to beat the other in a head to head matchup in the golf tournament. If you bet on Tiger at – 125 and he finishes the tournament in 45 th place overall but Phil Mickelson finishes 46 th or beyond, you have won the bet. If you chose to bet the run line at -1 1/2, Tiger would need to beat Phil by at least two strokes and vice versa, if you bet on Phil at + 1 ½, he can lose by no less than 2 strokes and you have still won the bet.

If you want to win some extras cash and you love betting golf  but find it frustrating to pick a tournament winner out of 60 + players, then head to head betting is the way to go. It mixes it up, keeps it exciting and you have no rooting interest who wins overall.