Final Day is Saturday in Franklin Templeton Shootout

Elite fields and exhibitions go hand in hand during the off season on the PGA tour.  This weekend highlights the team concept as duos compete for the lowest score overall.  Of course we are talking about the Franklin Templeton Shootout.  It used to have the “Shark” Greg Norman’s name in the title but it is essentially the same concept and location.  So from Naples Florida, we will look at some of the odds for the teams that will attempt to tame Tiburon.

Early Heat For

Defending your crown is hard enough but going into it as a favorite to repeat is a much more difficult task.  Even perfection like Florida State had does not make you the de facto odds on favorite.  Kuchar and English beat the field last year and have the worst odds against other prominent teams in heads up wagering.  Here is a sampling.

  • -140 against McDowell and Woodland
  • -165 verses Palmer and Walker


This  tournament is all about ratings, good times, and cash.  PGA placement and rankings are not in effect here.  Even the course has been tailored to be scoring friendly.  Perhaps that is why there is one oddity among the early odds where the money has been flowing.  Bradley and Villegas are all the way up to -170 against Leonard and Sabbatini.  I would never advise taking -170 in a tourney of basically equal players but time will tell.

In the end, the field must be glad that Jordan is not here.  Speith will be everyones go to guy for golf wagering in the next few months.  He and Henrik have been demolishing courses.  The only lamentation is that they did not have this form during the majors.  Will it hold out for them?  For one week, the question will go unanswered.  So let us explore the golf wagering options this week at America’s Bookie and we will talk to you next week at Apex Golf.