End of Round Fight on Colorado Course

Watch this end of round fight on Colorado course demonstrate the passions in which we watch, play, and wager on golf.  Good afternoon and welcome back to APEX Golf Betting.  No event this week as preparation for the RIO games dominates the action.  Let us look at the passions that can be evoked when a social norm on the links is broken.

Intensity on and off the Course

Golf related activities can inflame the passions of almost anyone.  We have all seen how far an iron or putter can be tossed by frustrated duffer.  Collective moans and even some vulgarity uttered from the gallery on wayward drives or long putts that lip out.  As bettors, we hold onto epic collapses of players we were railing until we get to the office to share the bad beat story.  However, nothing inflames the passions like breaking one of the few taboos on the course.

Hitting into the Group

We know we shouldnt laugh when we see comedy skits where a person with an air horn is waiting in the bushes.  He deploys a blast of sound as soon as the downward motion is coming on the tee shot.  While that is an artificially created scene, there is another situation that raises the rankles of almost everyone that occurs more than one thinks.  Sometimes we have all misjudged how far the next pairing is up on the hole.  We let one loose and hit the shot of the lifetime that rolls in the midst of those players ahead of us.  Glares and a few unkind words ensue but rarely do the two square off in an impromptu fight club scene as witnessed here.


We thank pkzlq for posting this on Youtube

As we watch the aggressor finally get met with a stiff jab, the melee ends forty seconds later.  The two combatants would shake hands.  This is the passion that comes with a love for the game of golf.  Feel the heart pumping action these two felt by wagering golf at Americas Bookie.  Olympic action is next week, so why not bring home some cash from your superior sports wisdom?  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Golf.