Calvin Peete Gone but Not Forgotten at 71

Apex Golf Betting is departing from its norm to mourn a true legend.  I remember watching Calvin on television with my grandfather.  He would wince whenever the man started his swing.  It looked like it could go a thousand ways of wrong.  However, he led or was in the top ten in driving accuracy most years that he was on the PGA.  We now take a step back to remember Calvin Peete.

Remembering Calvin Peete

Before we start with our normal fare, lets us take a moment to look back and remember Calvin Peete.  His household was vast as he was raised as one of nineteen kids.  His youth resulted in him dropping out and having to take to the fields to help support his brothers and sisters.  Absent of the silver spoon, he did not take up the game until 23.  His form was awful with a left arm that looked broken when it flailed about on his swing.  In an era where few people won many tournament, he got into the double digits in victories.  He passed away at 71 and was the face of African Americans in golf until Tiger Woods picked up that role.

Sarcasm Meter

One to never miss a dig, Johnny Miller decided to go over the top in his remarks about Rory.  That time out has derailed his game.  Everyone was willing to give him time to knock off the rust but weeks have turned into months.  While he still holds down the #1 spot in the world, Miller has already dubbed Jordan Spieth as the best in the world.  It is not even a matter of this bad streak but he reiterates that Jordan is better on a day to day basis. Rory might come up to the occasion but in the long haul, the PGA should crown Spieth their new king.

Apex Golf betting will return next week with their valued free picks.  However, the tour does not sto just because we decided to look at the personalities this week.  America’s Bookie has plenty of action on the WGC- Cadillac Match Play Championships.  With its new format, the savvy handicapper can poke holes in some of their under valued lines.  We will see you next week at Apex Golf Betting.