Byron Nelson PGA Futures & Props

An anticipated even distribution in Byron Nelson PGA futures and props for this week’s events will see the bookmakers and some select handicappers hit it big this weekend.  This is one of the stops in the tour that has the most fluctuation in a historical perspective.  What a player has done here in the past does not remotely predict future success!  This is why only two of the top ten have decided to opt to play here in Dallas.  A course change is due in 2019 but we will unearth the patterns so that we can be the select to profit big time here at the Byron Nelson.

Byron Nelson PGA Futures & Props

Limiting exposure is the name of any solid bookmaker. Our friends at Bookie Star explain the mentality of futures and props from both sides of the fence with their quality piece on the subject. Why do we bring it up for this event?  Because historical events and skill sets for the most part are useless for predicting success at this event.  Weather is a tempest here.  Last year, the hardest hole of the course, the 14th, had to be converted to a Par Three because of flooding.  The skills of a handicapper that are rewarded is attention to momentum and the weather.  Adaptability and work ethic from your golfers you rail are important also.

How Can This Benefit Us?

It is akin to beat the clock with the benefit to the handicapper.  Linesmakers have to put the futures out before we have to bet them.  This gives the weather element to our advantage.  Exploitable vulnerability to this is here.  Who should you have on alert?  Matt Kuchar is off of a tie for third in his last outing.  Really good price because he has not done much prior to this in over a year.  He is capable of monster rolls of momentum if he can get the first round in good here.  Charley Hoffman will be Mr. Reliable here coming off of a win in San Antonio.  These two is where your handicapping should start on Wednesday when you know the most about the upcoming weather for this event.

So good luck for your futures and props in the Byron Nelson.  One historical note that has bucked most of the trends has been the leader going into the last round.  A 62% of converting the win for the final round leader since 1970 is strong.  So if you can get in wagering for the last round based on the leader, you should definitely pounce on that option.  Good fortune in your golf wagering adventures and we will see you next week here at APEX Golf Betting.