British Open Preview

Links style course comes into play for our 2016 British Open preview.  Good morning and thank you for checking in at APEX Golf Betting.  Another major has pinged our radar this week.  With baseball and most of the other professional ranks on hiatus this week, PGA and golf wagering is the main game in town for sports investment profit.  SO let us cross the pond and look at this course in Scotland and apprise the field to see who has profit potential starting on Thursday, July 14th.

British Open Preview : Start Time

This major gets coverage like few other golf events in sheer scope of hours.  Check out this breakdown to be able to rail all your investments this week.

  • Thursday and Friday (14th-15th) 1:30 Am to 4PM on the Golf Channel
  • Saturday 4AM – 7AM (GC) and 7AM to 2:30 PM on NBC
  • Sunday 4 – 7 AM (GC) with the conclusion from 7AM to 2PM on NBC

As one can see, Royal Troon gets so much coverage every round.  It is important that you wager at a sportsbook that not only has a universe of wagering options but provide fresh new investment opportunities for each round.  This review of America’s Bookie demonstrates their value as a premier offshore out to make money off of one’s sports superior sports knowledge.

Big Three Bloated

Big three are all over in Scotland for this and of course installed as the favorites in the futures market for this event.  Dustin Johnson is getting a little short shrift as his value is near +1000 to win this event.  He is riding a monster wave of momentum coming in.  The key to profit on this challenging course is to go with the second tier golfers both in heads up wagering and all of the future markets.  Take for instance Graeme McDowell.  Incredible high future odds for a reasonable chance of doing very well.  He will especially flourish in heads up wagering against his perceived peers assigned to him at America’s Bookie.  He is top ten on the tour when it comes to driving accuracy.  McDowell has bulldog tenacity and a grinders mentailty.  An ideal candidate when it comes to the tournament long investment of the H2H betting options.

DO the research on the minor names in this one.  Andy Sullivan has two top ten finishes coming into this one.  He excels at finding the fairway.  That is the key trait for beating Royal Troon for profit this weekend.  Opt for golfers that avoid the big mistake in H2H matchups and you have an increased chance to sail home with profit in your account.  Good fortune to you and we will see you next time here at APEX Golf.