Boundless Bet33 Options for 2016 US Open

Bet33 has rolled out a bevy of wagering options for the 2016 US Open.  On one of the hardest courses of the world, the professionals will be hard pressed to keep at par.  Good Morning APEX Golf Betting fans.  What makes Oakmont a difficult but popular destination for the US Open?  We will look at the skill sets that flourish and just a sampling of the wagering wares at Bet33 for the second major that is set to open up on Thursday, June 16th.

Bet33 US Open Expanded Wagering Options

Not only do the players relish in the majors but the bettors as well by the boundless selection of wagers at Bet33.  Futures and heads up wagering are always present but now look at expanded offerings.

  • Top Five placement wagers
  • Props on Playoff Possibility and Winning Margin
  • Make or Miss Cut odds
  • Group Betting
  • Top player from specific geographic regions.

Lots of methods to pluck profit for those who have superior golf handicapping ability.  Now let us look at whom we like for the heads up wagering aspect of Oakmont.

Drivers Not Necessary

While an overstatement, driving distance is not the end all here. Tight fairways with difficult rough will have the wiser golfers dialing it back a bit starting on Thursday.  We want golfers that are on a wave of momentum, are willing to grind it out, and are outside the top tier.  These are the matchups where their are exploits to be taken advantage of.

  • Matt Kuchar has had a flourish for finishing top ten as of late.  Breakthrough to a win might be here and his futures price is good enough to speculate on.  However, the real value is in his HU matches against Stenson and Adam Scott.  He is the chalk option in both of them but the price is not the least bit prohibitive to the value of this one for the entire tournament.
  • Matt Leishman is in a lower tier of talent matchups but comes in warm for this one.  What we really like is that he amps it up for the majors!  Not a realistic threat to win, he gets put with other golfers “near ” his talent.  He gets pitted against Chappell in this one.  Matt is even getting underdog money in this one.

Fox Sports 1 begins an immense amount of coverage starting at 10AM on Thursday.  This is one of the events where Oakmont will consume most of the field.  This is the event that keeps us going in golf.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Golf Betting.