Betting the Remaining Two 2020 PGA Majors

It seems everything in the sports world is odd in 2020. Baseball opening day in July. Hockey in August. And now, two Grand Slam golf events will take place in September and November. The Masters, usually held in April, will be played November 12-15 at Augusta National and the U.S. Open, normally played in June,

Betting the Restart of the 2020 PGA Tour at Online Sportsbooks

As the sports world starts to emerge from the coronavirus shutdown, more and more events are popping up on the weekly calendar. This is great news for avid sports bettors at online sportsbooks. Heading into the second week of June, the big betting highlight is the return of the PGA Tour. 5 Good Reasons to

Tips for Betting on Golf Majors in 2019

 We’re at the point in the PGA Tour schedule where it’s time to start looking at who could win golf’s four major tournaments in 2019. We’re only a week away before the US Masters, which is the most prestigious golf tournament in the world. Here’s when each of the four golf majors will be played

Three Great Tournaments Coming Up, Including the PGA Championship

The golf season has just hit its stride; are you making money betting this sport? You should be and if you are not, then get on the stick and start banking some extra cash on a great sport to not only watch every weekend, but a great sport to bet on. Take a look at

Golf Betting – Winning Golf with Head to Head Matchups

With the ever increasing popularity of golf, bettors from around the world have jumped on the many betting opportunities that the top offshore sportsbooks are now offering. The sport has grown by leaps and bound and sharp bettors are taking their skills from the baseball diamond and the football gridiron; to the links. Golf is

Tiger Hunting Memorial-U.S. Open in Sight

Tiger Woods is serious this time and proving it by hitting the links two weeks in advance of the 2018 U.S. Open. Shinnecock Hills is the host this year and for just the 4th time in the history of the Open. The last time the event was held at Shinnecock was 2004 and featured Retief

Mickelson: Will He Win Another Major?

Phil Mickelson is struggling, four-and-a-half years is a very long time to go without a win. Phil has endured it, weathered the storm so to speak but it’s getting old however, he still has the drive and passion to win. Is he good enough to win? Even though Mickelson isn’t getting a day younger, he

Golf Betting – Can Tiger Have a Real Impact this year?

For those that have played golf you know how frustrating this game can be. Golf is a skill sports that can only be taught to a certain level and either a player has the instincts or they don’t. Most guys poop out in their early 20’s and golf becomes a pastime, a hobby. To get

Tiger Checks Into Facility For “Professional Help”

By Charles Jay Tiger Woods, who has his fourth back surgery on April 19, then was found sleeping in his car, impaired, on Memorial Day, and arrested by police in Florida, has sought professional help, indicating that whatever problems he may be going through are much worse than many originally thought. The impression Woods seemed

U.S. Open Props: Hole in One? Bet On It

By Charles Jay Do you want to “throw down” on some stuff that is rather unusual on this year’s U.S. Open? Well, there are definitely some things you will enjoy when you take a look at what they have available at America’s Bookie. Honestly, if you want to keep yourself busy, not just before the