Adding the Element of Toughest Courses

Relaxing until the 2016 PGA season is not a prudent course of action for the golf handicapper.  While the nose does not have to be on the grindstone, keeping the mental muscles moving aids in retaining the sharpness to our game.  To this course, APEX Golf Betting will look at some of the toughest courses encountered in 2015.  Two elements came up in our research that we will pass on to assist you in next year’s sports investment portfolio.

Honda Classic

Cut lines that come in over par are far from the norm on the PGA tour.  The organization is under the opinion that scoring keeps viewers glued to their television set.  So this type of event is not common.  Hence when the yardage is over 7,000 and the par mark is 70 then it funnels the types of players that can win this event.  Padrig Harrington took it down in 2015.  Players that are on the more experienced side do better than the younger ones on courses that add an element of adversity to them.

Torre Pines

Both the South and California courses ring in at over 1.5 strokes over the average PGA course.  Jason Day was successful here at -9.  One of the toughest course on tour each and every year.


Extreme courses were the bread and butter in a banner year for Jordan Spieth.  He and Jason Day vanquished Chambers Bay  while the rest struggled with those high winds.  Innsbrook is another course where conditions tax the players with an above average scoring average not to the good.  Jordan and Jason do very well on the ones with difficult conditions.

So get to know which courses are the toughest.  Then it comes down to the elite players and those with vast experience having the best chance to win.  Rookies and the younger players do better on the birdie courses.  Now go scope out those events for January and Feb in the knowledge that the process of doing this will improve your handicapping skills.