2015 Shell Houston Open Wagering is Now Open

Golfers will have an ideal course to hone their games on before Augusta comes rolling around.  The Tournament Course at the Golf Club of Houston is an over 7,400 yard monster.  Sharp dog legs and creative hazards will get the players used to the lower scoring that might be present at the Masters.  Matt Jones will defend his title here but the field is pretty strong for this year’s edition.  Of course, the Golf Channel and NBC will have their excellent television coverage all weekend long.  Let us see what Apex Golf Betting recommends at America’s Bookie and other quality offshore outs.

2015 Might Be Spieth’s

A win and a runner up in seven starts has Jordan doing well to start the year.  He has even jumped up to fourth in the world rankings.  The 14 Masters was the building block for all this success and he wants to be in prime consideration to take the Green Jacket down.  With his home town in the same state, he has the tools and the experience to take it down as one of the pre tourney favorites.

Reed No Longer Defined as Missing the Cut

Patrick no longer has a rash of missed cuts to contend with like he did a few years ago.  People mark his momentum or lack of it as him making top ten’s these days.  A one, two, and a seven among his seven starts points to finishing well when he is in contention.  A little bit out and he lacks the rallying power to get those top ten’s that stat mongers crave.  While not the most stable for this type of future, one has to really examine the price he gets to win the tournament.  Even though he is playing well, with a top ten future to also bet on, he should be avoided in the futures department.

Finally, while Tiger’s train has completely derailed, Phil’s is slowly grinding to a halt.  His health has caused his swing to decay in almost equal fashion.  He is outside the top twenty and this Texas golf course is one that will put additional strain to his game.  Against anyone near his price in the futures, he should be your fade for individual and tournament matchups.  The key is to look tonight at whom you can get near his world ranking that is playing in this one.  Fire at his opponent to make your bankroll sing this weekend.  Even Sergio at -120 for the whole tournament is gold against Lefty.  This is how far he has slowly eroded.  Enjoy the tournament and get those wagers in now at America’s Bookie.