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Keeping up to date in the world of best golf betting sites can be a very tedious job, we provide news, and information about betting on golf. Plus a list of the best offshore sportsbooks, price per head software providers, that cater to golf bettors with the hopes of you finding one that meets your expectations.

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    If you are an avid sports bettor and you are not betting on golf, you need to be. Betting golf is profitable. It can be very profitable when picking the correct tournament winner. Why is it that betting golf lends itself to huge profits and why aren’t more sports bettors taking advantage? HOW TO GUIDE: BETTING ON SPORTS Easy Bet There’s

    With the ever increasing popularity of golf, bettors from around the world have jumped on the many betting opportunities that the top offshore sportsbooks are now offering. The sport has grown by leaps and bound and sharp bettors are taking their skills from the baseball diamond and the football gridiron; to the links. Golf is a fun sport to bet on

    Handicappers are no longer affected by pace of play with the benefits of betting golfing on an Online sportsbook. The boys club has been broken with the bountiful offerings with other tours. The LPGA is just the start of the other markets that can now be reached to flex your handicapping muscles. Now with more tours in play from all around the worl

    Ordinarily, it may not seem all that exciting to bet on golf; however, the creativity of sportsbooks, especially those that are located online, like America's Bookie, have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for those people who not only like to watch it but like to put a friendly wager on it. And speaking of watching it, what is great abo

When you bet on golf, you have many options from betting on which player will win a tournament to live betting and proposition bets. Golf betting is very popular, and there are quite a few bets that you came make and like any sports betting with some payouts better than others.

In golf betting before you make a bet do a little research to find the best odds possible for the bet that you want to make. The odds will not differ greatly between top online golf sportsbooks, but the best odds you get will ensure the best payout if Lady Luck is on your side and your bet is a winner.

Tournament Winner

The most popular golf wagers and easiest to understand is the tournament winner, as you simply pick the player you think will win the tournament. The sportsbook will have posted odds for the golf tournament, and they can look like this:

Rory McIlroy + 350

Tiger Woods + 450

Bubba Watson +550

Adam Scott + 600

Sergio Garcia +850

In this example, Rory McIlroy is the favorite to win the tournament, and the odds after every player will increase the more they are the underdog. In this example, you would have to wager$100 to win #50 betting on McIlroy and bet $100 to win $850 betting on Sergio Garcia. It does matter if the tournament goes to sudden death, as you are simply betting on a certain player to win a tournament.

In the tournament winner bet the odds will be posted before the tournament, but you can make this bet during the tournament as well. For example, a sportsbook may put out odds after the first round of the tournament and the odds will change depending on how the player is doing. If, in using the above example, if McIlroy struggles and shoots a high number and is way back in the field you can be sure that his odds to win the tournament will change.

Picking Finishes

Another popular golf bet is picking the finish, as many will have odds for a top 3 or top 5 finish. In a top 3 finish, you are simply picking a player to finish in the top 3 of a tournament and in the top 5 picking a player to finish in the top 5. The odds for these bets are, obviously, not as
favorable as picking a tournament winner, but they can still be pretty solid.

The Head-to- Head Bet

A head-to- head golf match-up bet is just a player-vs- player bet, as you will see odds posted for two players and you pick the one that will shoot the better score in a round or have the higher finish in a tournament. Here is an example of a head-to- head bet.

Lowest Score at the Masters

Tiger Woods -160

Sergio Garcia +190

In this example above you are betting on which player will have the better overall finish at the Masters. You will bet $160 to win $100 on Woods and bet $100 to win $190 on Garcia. If they have the same finish at the tournament, the bet is a push, and you will get your original bet back.

Proposition bets are also available for golf, as you will see them for both players and a tournament. A few examples of a golf prop bet, as they are known, is will there be a hole in one at the tournament, will the tournament go to a playoff, and will Tiger Woods have any eagles? There are many prop bets that can be made for golf and sportsbooks will have many more of them posted for the bigger tournaments, especially the Majors. To this point, there are more betting options for the four Majors of the Masters, British Open, PGA Championship, and U.S. Open.

Live betting is very popular these days and is a great bet for golf. In live betting, you are making bets as the tournament is going on. You can bet on the next shot or how the round will finish, and in live betting, the odds will change depending on how the tournament is unfolding. Live betting allows for tons of bets when it comes to golf since it is a slower sport where rounds take hours to complete.

Before you start sports betting, you need to develop a betting strategy, here at Apex Network we can help you find it. Visit our comprehensive sports betting sites for, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, nascar, tennis, golf, horses, boxing, soccer, for the highest-quality sportsbook and betting information.

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